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Our ambition is to accompany all transportation stakeholders in meeting tomorrow’s mobility challenges. We strive to provide them with the most efficient and digital mobility systems, while further improving the environmental friendliness of our solutions. 

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Rolling stock

Coradia range: Regional trains to suit all operator needs

¾ rear view face TER Regiolis

Coradia range at a glance

  • The regional train for all markets
  • Accessibility and comfort on board
  • A wide range of energy options
  • Easy maintenance and proven components

With Alstom’s Coradia range, operators and transport authorities are sure to find the regional train to fulfil the needs and expectations of their passengers. The proven technology of the Coradia range offers exemplary reliability and cost-effectiveness.

A range for all customers

Whatever your needs, geographical location or infrastructure, we have a Coradia solution that fits the bill. The range currently comprises seven different models, all adaptations around the same robust platform, developed over the past 30 years. Catering to different capacities with different car configurations, capable of operating in multiple units, at different speeds… Coradia is today one of the most popular trains on Europe’s regional railway lines. Its different versions offer comfortable and efficient journeys in several European countries including Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Sweden (the winterised Coradia Nordic) as well as across borders – a proof of its versatility and interoperability.

Coradia Stream

Your choice of energy

We have tailored the Coradia range to operate with different power systems, from diesel (the best-selling Coradia Lint) to electric (Coradia Stream) or dual mode (Coradia Polyvalent is available in dual mode or electric only) and to a variety of traction voltages. Our latest innovation in energy is the Coradia iLint, working on fuel cells powered by hydrogen, offering comparable performances to the Coradia Lint but with zero-emission! 

In 2018, our Coradia iLint has won the 2018 GreenTec Mobility Award.

On-board flexibility and comfort

While all Coradia trains are designed and configured in close consultation with the client to meet their specific needs, their common denominator is the quality of ride and circulation on board. Coradia trains all have low floors, enabling easy access direct from the platform, with two floor heights proposed according to the specificities of the networks served. This naturally offers passengers with reduced mobility a fully accessibility-compliant experience.

Passengers on Coradia trains enjoy a quiet journey, together with all the conveniences of modern public transport: large windows, information screens, electricity sockets, etc. The Coradia Liner V160 and Coradia Stream, designed specifically for the needs of Intercity service, additionally feature more comfort with different areas dedicated for instance to business, corner shop, vending area or simply to silence or socialising.

Maintainability and cost of ownership

With rolling stock owners permanently concerned by operating and maintenance costs, we have paid attention to energy efficiency and ease of maintenance. Many Coradia models have roof-mounted traction equipment, meaning easier maintenance access while also freeing up more room in cars for seats and passenger amenities. We propose maintenance as part of an overall supply package, but Coradia trains are also easy to maintain by the operator. In the field of energy, Coradia employs regenerative braking and vehicles such as the Coradia Stream or Coradia Lint are very light trains, reducing power requirements. With Coradia, owners benefit from Alstom’s long-standing expertise in the supply, maintenance and modernisation of rolling stock.

Alstom/ P. KURZ
Coradia trains currently operating
recyclable and more
km/h for regional and 200 km/h for Intercity version